S1E17 – 17. Her

Episode Notes

I know this because he is mine, my bastard, my offspring. ERROR. Audio n0t f0und.
Dos: After You is a fiction horror/urban fantasy podcast available in English and Spanish. It is written and produced by David Orión Pena.
Muerte: Violeta Serrano
Bre: Matt D. McGregor
Special thanks to our patreons, in special to: Eli and Casper Oliver.
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Music & sound effects: Dos: After You Theme and Bre’s theme composed by Lucia de Palau. Other effects and sounds by Kyles, Soundbites (ANGST_SH-DS_SR_017), Async Horror Piano, Async Choppy Pierce 2, Atmos Pack de Zachary Fortais-Gomm, many of them via freesound.com

Content warnings: Mentions of death, manipulation, and mentions of violence.

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